Messenger Chat (Joomla!)

Messenger Chat (Joomla!)

Joomla! embeds on Facebook Messenger Chat website. This will allow you to communicate comfortably with your website visitors.

390 Kč

The plugin inserts code for Messenger chat on the site. This allows visitors to your site to chat directly with Messenger.
With chat, you can answer questions about prices and products, make appointments, and follow up on conversations even after they leave your site. You don't have to get their data to talk to them. Just follow up on the conversation in Messenger.

Main advantages of the plugin:

  • simple installation
  • simple setup
  • custom texts in the welcome window
  • possibility to change the color scheme of the chat window
  • choice of display position (left or right side)
  • possibility to configure the display of the dialog box (expand automatically, icon and welcome message, icon)

Data sheet

Joomla 3
Joomla 4

Version 1.6.0
Release date: 05.08.2023

  • fix Joomla 4

Version 1.5.1
Release date: 30.06.2022

  • fix left view

Version 1.5.0
Release date: 18.01.2022

  • added option to select display position (left/right side)
  • added option to configure dialog box display (expand automatically, icon and welcome message, icon)
  • Slovak language version added

Version 1.4.0
Release Date: 20.09.2021

  • added option to exclude/include

Version 1.3.0
Release Date: 04.03.2020

  • add update server for Joomla Update Systems
  • add changelog.txt
  • add download ID for Update Sites Joomla! 4

Version 1.2.0
Release date: 27.02.2020

  • language switching according to selected language mutation
  • limitation of text length to 80 characters

Version 1.1.0
Release Date: 26.02.2020

  • custom color scheme
  • custom texts in the welcome window

Version 1.0.0
Release Date: 22.02.2020

  • create a plugin

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