Facebook pixel (Joomla!)

Facebook pixel (Joomla!)

Joomla! embeds a Facebook pixel code into your website supporting a number of events.

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Joomla! embeds a Facebook pixel analytics tool into your website to help you understand the actions your visitors take on your site to measure the performance of your ads.

Using a pixel, you can:

  • Make sure your ads show to the right people (find new customers or people who visited a page or took the desired action on your site).
  • Increase the number of orders
  • (set up an automatic bid that allows you to reach people who are more likely to take the desired action (such as a new demand).
  • Measure ad results (learn more about how your ads impact by measuring what happens when people see it).

Once you install and set up the Facebook pixel plugin, the pixel will fire when someone takes action on your site. Examples of actions include viewing content, contacting through a form, searching the web, and more.
A list of supported events is provided below. A pixel receives these events, or events, that you can view in the event manager on the pixel Facebook page, where you can view the actions your customers have taken. You will also be able to reach these visitors again with future Facebook ads.

Supported events:

  • PageView
  • ViewContent
  • Search
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Schedule
  • FindLocation
  • SubmitApplication

Events can be easily enabled or disabled in the plugin administration.


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Joomla 3
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Joomla 5

Version 1.2.0
Release Date: 16.03.2020

  • minor adjustments

Version 1.1.0
Release Date: 05.03.2020

  • add changelog
  • add download ID for Update Sites Joomla! 4
  • add update server for Joomla Update Systems

Version 1.0.0
Release Date: 22.02.2020

  • create a plugin

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